Dir: Gregory Ratoff

Abdulla, absolute monarch of a wealthy Middle Eastern country, has everything a man could want. Everything, that is, until he falls for a beautiful model. She rejects his advances, however, along with his offers of riches and luxury, choosing instead an officer in the king’s army as her lover.


Dir: David Macdonald

Peter Brandt is a soldier journeying across the countryside of South Africa after the Boer War. He is looking for a valuable collection of diamonds he found and hid during the war. Accompanying him is Clive Hunter, a man who is hoping to buy a disused gold mine for quick financial gain.


Dir: John Huston

Three movie giants come together in this cinematic classic, combining the masterful direction of John Huston with the fabulous chemistry of Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn in their only onscreen pairing. Bogart won a well-deserved Best Actor Oscar® for his role as disreputable riverboat captain Charlie, who forms an unlikely alliance with Hepburn’s straight-laced Rose. Based on the book by C.S. Forester, this wartime romantic adventure sees the pair forced to travel together down a hazardous East African river.


Dir: Compton Bennett

Vesta Tilley is the daughter of a music-hall Chairman who watches his shows from the wings with great enthusiasm. One day her father finds her dressed as a boy and singing to an imaginary audience made up of her toy dolls. Her act, he believes, is good enough to be performed in front of a live audience, leading to a career as the first male impersonator.


Dir: Philip Leacock

Dirk Bogarde stars as Tim Mason, the officer of a British bomber squadron in WWII. A large-scale operation over Germany has been planned, and Tim is shocked to discover that he is not part of the team for the mission – higher authorities apparently think he is no longer at his best. When a member of his crew is injured just before take-off, Tim disobeys his orders and takes his colleague’s place as a gunner.


Dir: John Huston

Set to travel to Africa to investigate reports of uranium deposits, Billy and his wife find themselves stranded at a port in the Mediterranean as the ship they are travelling on undergoes repairs. Suspicions arise amongst their follow passengers as a series of incidents hit the travelling party and a murder occurs.


Dir: Jack Clayton

An Oscar® and BAFTA-winning short about the friendship between the impoverished clerk of a clothing warehouse and a kindly tailor. Friends for many years, Morry offers to produce a custom-made coat for his colleague Fender who has always longed to own one but has never had enough money.


Dir: Anthony Asquith

David Niven plays Carrington VC, a British Army Major, who has serious financial problems. The War Office owes him a substantial amount of money but will not pay up, so he is driven to take drastic action: stealing some of the money he is due from the War Office safe. Threatened with being court martialled, he remains determined to go ahead and claim what is his.


Dir: Bernard Miles

J Courtney Dickinson is the owner of an engineering firm who has a good relationship with his workers until one day Bolger, an arrogant and disruptive worker, is sacked. Following this, the staff go on strike and Dickinson accuses them of not working hard enough. After claiming that he would willingly exchange his position for theirs, Dickinson is surprised when his employees take him at his word and decide to start running the factory themselves.

COSH BOY (1952) HD

Dir: Philip Leacock

A gang of teenagers are earning money by mugging women on the streets of London. Ringleaders Roy and Alfie are making substantial profits until the police catch up with them. At their hearing, the Magistrate passes a fairly lenient sentence in suggesting that they join a Youth Club. There, Roy and Alfie use the building as a base for their growing operation.

DRY ROT (1956)

Dir: Maurice Elvey

Alf, Fred and Flash are three bookmakers in need of a change of luck. Following a particularly bad day when they owe money to all their clients, they come up with an idea. Cardinal, a wonder horse, is due to race the next week, and they decide to secretly switch this animal for another in order to turn a profit.


Dir: Henry Cornelius

Major Hill is a horse-lover who decides to set up a syndicate to buy a racehorse after a lucrative day at the track. After accidentally buying the wrong horse which proves useless on the flat, the Major and his acquaintances train it as a successful jumper and decide to enter the Grand National. But 36 hours before the race, their horse disappears.


Dir: Compton Bennett

HMS Ballantrae is an ageing battleship known as ‘Gift Horse’. Brought out of retirement during the Second World War, she is assigned with the job of leading an attack on an important enemy base. Although the crew are initially sceptical about ‘Gift Horse’ and its capabilities, they must fight as best they can to triumph.


Dir: Lewis Gilbert

A group of down-and-outs are convinced by the charismatic Rave to join his plot to hold up a post office van on the condition that there will be no violence. But everything goes wrong when a policeman approaches the thieves’ car and Rave opens fire. Shocked but still obeying Rave, the gang tries to escape, but their loyalty is tested.


Dir: Roy Boulting

Jack Read is a Cockney boy chosen to attend a Public School as part of an educational experiment. Miserable and alienated from the other pupils for his different ways, Jack decides to run away – but a sympathetic young teacher, Mr. Lorraine, tries to change his mind.

I AM A CAMERA (1955)

Dir: Henry Cornelius

A young and naive author living in 1930s Berlin befriends a lively English girl, Sally Bowles. The two form a close friendship and he thoroughly enjoys her outrageous behaviour. Together they indulge in the freedom and decadence offered by Berlin at the time, but as support for Nazi fascism rises, the city as they know it begins to vanish.


Dir: Joseph M. Newman

Nick Cain is a well-known American gambler who arrives at a Mediterranean resort to a grand welcome from a local casino. The friendliness of his entrance, however, is soon marred when he is framed for murdering a US Treasury agent. Nick manages to escape, but decides to return in order to uncover the truth and prove his innocence.


Dir: Gordon Parry

A diverse group of British travellers arrive in Paris for the first time, each with different expectations of the celebrated city. Leaving the familiarity of post-War Britain behind, they set off in search of an unforgettable weekend.


Dir: Daniel Birt

After reconsidering eloping with another woman at the last minute, John North pulls the emergency break on the train he is travelling on and returns home to his wife. When he arrives, he finds that the train has been involved in an accident in which many people died, including his mistress. When it is discovered that she had been murdered prior to the crash, John becomes the main suspect.


Dir: Ralph Thomas

An unidentified Russian plane lands on German soil where the pilot is picked up by American authorities. To everyone’s surprise, the pilot is a woman - Vinka Kovelenko, a celebrated heroine of her country. She claims that she took off in a rage, with no idea of her destination. Sceptical about her story, the authorities assign Captain Chuck Lockwood to find out more about her. Despite falling in love, Chuck maintains his suspicions about Vinka’s motives.

JEDDA (1955)

Dir: Charles Chauvel

In the largely uninhabited lands of Northern Australia, Sarah, a childless white woman, adopts an Aborigine baby she calls Jedda. Sarah has plans for her daughter to marry a handsome stockman, but Jedda falls prey to the magnetism of an Aborigine and is tormented by the conflict between her upbringing and the pull of her native heritage.


Dir: Carol Reed

After spotting a young goat with a single horn, six-year-old Joe believes he has found the mythical unicorn and barters with the owner to buy it. Joe has been told that the magical creature will make all of his wishes come true and – to everyone’s surprise – unexplained events start to improve the fortunes of Joe’s struggling community.


Dir: Maurice Elvey

Edwina Black is a mean-tempered woman who rules her household with cruel force, overbearing her husband, Gregory and her young companion, Elizabeth with the help of her malicious housekeeper, Ellen. When Edwina is suddenly taken ill and dies, the police perform a post-mortem and discover that she has died of arsenic poisoning. All three members of the household become suspects.


Dir: Leslie Norman

After a young man is tried and convicted of killing a policeman, the barrister’s wife, a psychiatrist by occupation, believes the suspect to be innocent and decides to take on the case to succeed where her husband failed. She faces a race against time, with the death sentence looming ever nearer.


Dir: John Huston

An Oscar®-winning drama about Toulouse-Lautrec, the crippled artist who forgets his worries by drinking and mingling at the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris, where he sits and sketches the scenes he sees. Lonely and convinced that he will be alone forever, he is delighted to meet Marie, a young girl in need of help. The two become lovers, but he soon learns she is being unfaithful.


Dir: Stuart Urban

An ancient relic called the Loculus has been fought over by the forces of light and darkness for 2,000 years. Missing for centuries, the sacred artefact mysteriously reappears in the present as a powerful secret society begins slaughtering innocents to obtain it. Billionaire mogul Magnus Martle is desperate to find and destroy the relic, reluctantly aided by his estranged son Jake, a computer decoding expert, and Mira, a student of alchemy.


Dir: Laurence Olivier

A world-class British cast star in this epic, award-winning adaptation of Shakespeare’s play. It is the end of the 15th Century, and soon after Edward VI has been crowned King, his brother Richard starts plotting to obtain the throne. First he wins Lady Anne, then poisons Edward’s mind against their other brother, Clarence, and later has him killed. After murdering all who stand between him and the throne, Richard becomes King, but must finally face his enemies on the battlefield.


Dir: Jack Clayton

Joe Lampton arrives in a Yorkshire town to take up a place in the Borough Treasury Department, but has ambitions to elevate his position by any means possible. In doing so, he sets his sights on Susan, the pretty daughter of a local industrialist. When Susan’s father intervenes, Joe finds solace in the arms of an older woman.


Dir: Gordon Parry

Albert Tufnell is a seaman on leave to marry Shirley Hornett. His mother-in-law to be causes much strife when she insists on taking charge of the wedding, the guests and the participants. Her behaviour causes Albert to have second thoughts, while Shirley decides that he is secretly having an affair with one of her bridesmaids and the wedding begins to look increasingly unlikely.


Dir: Sidney Salkow

In the 18th Century, Catherine the Empress of Russia is determined to rid herself of a young Princess who claims to be the rightful heir to the Russian throne. She sends her most trusted Officer, Count Orloff, to kidnap her – but when Orloff falls in love with the Princess, the two must flee to escape execution.


Dir: William Fairchild

It is 1941, and Britain is sustaining serious army losses. Adding to their problems is the new form of warfare invented by the Italians: frogmen; a group of soldiers who travel underwater and attach explosives onto enemy ships. A young Naval Lieutenant, Crabbe, is a bomb disposal expert who is sent to Gibraltar to fight the threat.


Dir: Ralph Kemplen

Guy Stevenson is an accused man fighting for his life. As he pleas to the jury, he repeats an old Spanish curse invoked by those wrongly convicted. He is found guilty and sentenced to death, but two observers decide that he is innocent. As the curse appears to take effect, the two amateur sleuths try to piece the puzzle together.


Dir: Zoltan Korda, Terence Young

The son of a prestigious general is forced to enter the army against his will, but after the death of his father he decides to leave his regiment as they set off for Sudan. Branded a coward by his friends who mockingly send him white feathers, he follows them into battle to prove himself a hero.


Dir: Val Guest

A well-known Civil Servant is sentenced to death for murdering a woman. But five days before he is to be hanged, he announces that he has some secret information that is vital to the security of the country and that he will only exchange for his freedom.


Dir: Ken Annakin

Three men decide to holiday on the Thames, having to cancel appointments with their wives, girlfriends and acquaintances in order to do so. As they set off for Hampton Court, they meet three attractive girls, and as the next few days pass they hope to meet them again.


Dir: Don Chaffey

Radley is a small-time crook who returns to his wife, Barbara, after a long absence to find her remarried, having believed him to be dead. She is now the wife of a wealthy publisher and Radley, realising she will want their marriage kept secret, blackmails her for hush money whilst entwining her in his criminal activities.

TIME LOCK (1957)

Dir: Gerald Thomas

It is 6 o’clock on a Friday evening at a South Yorkshire bank. Lucille Walker calls in to pick up her husband, Colin, accompanied by their six-year-old son, Stephen. After locking the doors, Colin pre-sets the time lock of the vault for Monday morning - 63 hours later. Just as they are about to leave, they notice that Stephen is missing. As the vault cannot be opened manually, it is a race against time to save the young boy.


Dir: John Paddy Carstairs

Sir Roderick Ryall is the roguish head of an eccentric Irish family. When he dies at the age of 95, he leaves his middle-aged children a fortune, but apparently only on paper. Their home, Ballyroden Hall, is their one asset. Forced to devise ways of making money, after much disagreement they reluctantly decide to open Ballyroden Hall up to paying guests.


Dir: Muriel Box

Under a complicated bequest from her uncle, Myrtle stands to inherit $2,000,000 if her ex-husband does not produce a male heir, otherwise he will get the cash. Travelling from New York to England, she finally manages to track him down, but learns that his new wife is heavily pregnant.


Dir: Gerald Thomas

After receiving a phonecall apparently from a movie mogul friend, Dr Howard Latimer, a Harley Street specialist, sets off to pick up an actress from the airport. A few days later, however, he arrives at his flat to find the star’s dead body there. The police are called in, and it becomes clear that Latimer is being set up.


Dir: Gordon Parry

A young woman’s lover is arrested for murder just as she discovers that she is carrying his child. Following the publicity around the case, Vivianne is thrown out of her flat and is forced to rent a room in a decrepit boarding house for unmarried mothers.


Dir: Cliff Own

Peter Sellers stars as Pearly Gates, a Cockney thief who is head of the gang responsible for a series of London robberies. Everything goes well until the police start arriving with monotonous regularity to confiscate the loot. Pearly soon realises that there is a traitor in their midst, so he decides to make a deal with the police.

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