Graham Hall
Business Mentor/Advisor

With a wealth of experience of over 35 years in Banking and Finance, Graham Hall has worked as a Senior Banker for Lloyds TSB, as part of their Thames Valley Senior Management Team, followed by a three year CRM role in Business Link. As a Banking Consultant since 2010, he is highly respected for his skills and proven success, until recently providing business support to Aylesbury Vale District Council, acting as an Interim General Manager in a Midlands based Commercial Truck and Trailer Repairer, as well as being Interim Finance Director for the Aylesbury based Diabetic Boot Company Ltd.

Currently he is working with the Autorama Group in Hemel Hempstead on their acquisition strategy, Media Print Hub Ltd. in Aylsebury and Bishops Bowl Fishery in the Midlands.

As a Business Mentor/Advisor at Starline, Graham uses his skills to oversee their financial governance, chairing the quarterly Board Meeting and ensuring that agreed actions are delivered on time and on budget. His general breadth of business knowledge and networking connections are also invaluable, and the directors and team members alike regularly use him as a sounding board to test out the commercialsm of new ideas and initiatives.

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