C21 Media: UK entrepreneur creates media fund

June 2018

A UK entrepreneur has set up a £3m (US$3.9m) media fund to focus on projects in their final stages of delivery that require financial support.

ARC LDN has been founded by Aamar Aslam, who was previously behind the financial technology start-up Funding Invoice, which has supported small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) since 2015.

Aslam’s latest fund is looking to invest £3m in its first year and is looking for international projects that are towards the end of completion that it can help get over the line.

ARC LDN is being advised by Carey Fitzgerald, the co-founder of UK-based distributor Starline Entertainment, and Rebecca Hawkes, MD and CEO of UK post-production firm Schedule 2.

“For many independent producers, as well as the sales companies and worldwide distributors working with them, this can be a fraught period where cash-strapped post-production often finds itself struggling to meet the demands of full international delivery,” ARC LDN said in a statement.

Aslam set up his first enterprise, a corporate chauffeur service, while studying for an economics degree at Warwick University.

After noting the challenges SMEs faced, he saw the potential for an investment scheme for independent businesses to borrow against invoices on terms more flexible than those offered by the banks.

So far, Funding Invoice has supported more than 100 SMEs and is currently providing £3m every month to facilitate their growth.

“I’m consistently inspired by the sheer ambition and tireless commitment of business owners across the independent creative sector, and the media industry is certainly no exception,” said Aslam.

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