DROWN coming out in Aussie cinemas thanks to champion, the late Charlotte Dawson

February 2015

Movie Charlotte Dawson championed before her death, Drown, set to be released

  • Briana Domjen
  • FEBRUARY 22, 2015 12:00AM

Charlotte Dawson introduces Drown the movie

Charlotte Dawson introduces Drown the movie
 SHE spent her entire life championing the “underdog” and a year to the day of her death, one of Charlotte Dawson’s projects has been realised.

On February 22 last year the nation’s entertainment world woke to news Dawson — a judge onAustralia’s Next Top Model and outspoken advocate for minority groups — had taken her own life at the age of 47.

Her memorial was attended by some of the biggest names in the television industry including

Alex Perry, model Megan Gale, Sarah and Lachlan Murdoch, singer Delta Goodrem and Richard Wilkins.

Just weeks before her death, Dawson recorded a promo for Drown, a film which deals with the difficult subject of bullying, homophobia and suicide — which is to be released next month.

In the weeks leading up to her death, Dawson signed on as ambassador for the film as a representative of the Community Brave Foundation and participated in capital raising for the project.

Charlotte Dawson in one of the last photos before her death, promoting anti-bullying movi

Charlotte Dawson in one of the last photos before her death, promoting anti-bullying movie Drown.

Her sister this week was touched the project had been realised.

“Charlotte would be thrilled,” Vicky Dawson said, speaking from New Zealand.

“Charlotte was tireless in her efforts for other people, especially the underdog.

“We are so proud of her and all her efforts. There are an awful lot of things she has campaigned for and lots of those things have come to fruition which is fantastic. We are very proud of everything she did in her life and the legacy she left.”

The film is an adaptation of Stephen Davis’ acclaimed play and tells the story of how a drunken night out for three Bondi Beach surf lifesavers ends in excessive bullying and homophobia.

Charlotte Dawson helped promote the movie Drown before her death.

Charlotte Dawson helped promote the movie Drown before her death.

A year on from her death, Dawson’s sisters Vicky and Robin Barclay, have said it is still difficult knowing their “little sister” is gone.

“She is constantly in our memories and leading up to this weekend, it is going to be difficult but we will be alright,” Dawson said.

“It has been a terrible year. The first six months that went by were a complete blur, the last six months have been better but leading up to the anniversary, it has all come back to us. It is just such a terrible shame she is no longer with us.”

Vicky added that the outpouring of love she has received following her adopted sister’s death had highlighted the profound impact she had on so many people — mainly the underdog.

“We receive letters and phone calls … people tell me in the street she has made such a difference on their lives,” she said.

“There are a huge number of people whose lives have been improved by her.

“There are still people who contact us and tell us about the impact she had on their lives.”

The producers of the movie Drown will be launching a new distribution initiative called Cinema on Demand.

See drownthemovie.com for more details.


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