Indiewire Includes RADIATOR in Top Ten Films of 2015

December 2015

Demetrios Matheou:

1. "Carol." We rarely see an unadulterated romance, so when one comes along that is this exquisitely made and so gloriously moving, then it’s impossible not to succumb completely.

2. "The Assassin." An object lesson in minimalist action and sophisticated genre filmmaking, from which the purveyors of wham-bam formula ought to learn. Gorgeous and mysterious.

3. "Inherent Vice." I could happily scratch my head for hours before the stoner genius of Paul Thomas Anderson’s under-rated “surf noir.”

4. "Amy." Superbly orchestrated documentary from one of the form’s most interesting practitioners, Asif Kapadia. Part-homage, part-lament, quietly putting all of society in the dock.

5. "Girlhood." After recent events, this seems an even more vital account of a Parisian – and female – milieu that boisterously comes to life in the limelight.

6. "Sicario." Top-notch thriller that’s intelligent, relevant, nail-biting and superbly cast.

7. "Steve Jobs." Putting the talk into “talkie”, Sorkin’s script and Fassbender’s performance made a computer geek compelling.

8. "Jauja." I went down the rabbit hole with Lisandro Alonso and Viggo Mortensen at the start of the year, and I’m not sure I ever made it back.

9. "Spotlight." I’m just a sucker for journalistic procedural. This might not be “All The President’s Men”, but it’s a worthy second.

10. "45 Years" and "Radiator." Sharing a place, two very different but equally potent accounts of elderly couples, one discovering its failure late in the day, one that’s limped on regardless for years.

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