Radiator Review by The Daily Express ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

November 2015

Radiator  (Cert 15; 94mins)

By Allan Hunter

The late Richard Johnson gives a magnificent final performance in Radiator, a beautifully observed family drama inspired by the personal experiences of director Tom Browne. Leonard (Johnson) and his wife Maria (Gemma Jones) have spent 40 years in a remote Cumbrian cottage that is now filled with the junk of a lifetime and overrun with mice.

Their son Daniel (Daniel Cerqueira) arrives from London determined to impose order on chaos and tackle the thorny question of their future. Leonard is a pedantic, exasperating bully who wants the world to revolve around him and once he steps through the door Daniel can’t help but revert to a child at the mercy of this seemingly unloving father.

The joy of Johnson’s awardworthy performance is that he manages to make Leonard sympathetic and the triumph of the fi lm is the way it addresses the indignities of old age and the burden of caring for loved ones with a mixture of heartache and hilarity that is very human. One of the best British fi lms of the year.


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