Born in New York, Raised in Paris


New York - 1980’s - Public Enemy had a dream: To make Hip Hop the tool of expression for black men around the world who felt excluded from society.

Thirty years later, Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D, and internationally acclaimed rappers such as Menelik, Mokobe and Ekoue, reflect on the Hip Hop mission across its largest market outside America – France; how this global phenomenon, born in the Bronx, gave fresh voice to ethnic minorities, creating a brand new subculture defined by the social landscape of Paris’s inner cities.

As the shadow of racial injustice continues to fall across the USA and elsewhere, challenged by movements like Black Lives Matter, BORN IN NEW YORK RAISED IN PARIS is an up-to-the-minute examination of race in France. Questioning the notion of the French Republic’s founding values, the film ultimately confronts the disconnect experienced by millions of black people, whose real lives are at apparent odds with the very principles of Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood that their country is supposed to stand for.


90 Minutes (approximately) and 52 Minutes


Victoria Thomas


Victoria Thomas, Rokhaya Diallo, Yasmina F. Edward


In Production

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