Grace & Goliath


GRACE AND GOLIATH is a BIG, feel-good family comedy with an even BIGGER heart.

Josh Jenkins, former TV star from California, once a “giant of the little screen,” with an ego to match, arrives in Belfast with a big ambition to make a movie, but soon his dreams come crashing down and he finds himself alone in a “strange” city, without a friend in sight.

With no money and nowhere to go, his only option is to take up the offer of kind-hearted hotel cleaner Lily and stay with her in her modest home, along with her grown-up daughter, Melody, and dysfunctional family. At first barely tolerating his new surroundings, Josh gradually begins to realise there is a lot more to life than having your name in lights, and when Melody's own little daughter GRACE falls ill, he discovers that his true ambition, deep down, might be much bigger than himself.

Through laughter, tears - and even a little dancing - this is the feel-good story of how one man’s GOLIATH ego gets brought down by one single blow...of GRACE!


Family, Junior, Films

93 Minutes


Emy Aneke (Supergirl)
Aoibhinn McGinnity (Love/Hate)
Eve Macklin (Brooklyn)
Olivia Nash (Blandings
Ciarán McMenamin (Primeval)
Ciarán Hinds (Game of Thrones)
Suranne Jones (Doctor Foster)
Sally Lindsay (Mount Pleasant)
Savanna Burney-Keatings


Tony Mitchell (The Bible, A.D. The Bible Continues)


Joan Burney Keatings



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