Ireland's Greatest Loves


From the stormy passions of “Pirate Queen”, Grace O’Malley, to Oscar Wilde’s scandalous affair with Lord Alfred Douglas, IRELAND’S GREATEST LOVES is a compelling, six-part docu-drama series, using re-enactments to reveal some of the greatest romances of the most iconic men and women ever to shape the country’s remarkable history.

Forbidden loves, doomed affairs and arranged marriages are just some of the captivating personal tales to play out against an ever-changing backdrop of conflict and turbulence as the Emerald Isle sought to forge its own path in the world.

By turns dramatic, tender, and tragic, each story casts these familiar figures in a new light and reveals the private heartbreak they endured beyond their public struggles. Despite their remarkable achievements, this series demonstrates that these extraordinary people were just as susceptible to the ordinary human emotions of love, desire, and heartbreak as anyone else.

To illustrate each relationship, every episode features a unique historical object or place personally relevant to all of the historical figures in the series. Not only does this creative technique showcase unusual and fascinating historical artifacts, but it also builds a tangible link between the past and the present for viewers.

Ultimately, Ireland’s Greatest Loves examines how romance shaped the lives of these incredible men and women who, in turn, influenced every major era of Irish history and our modern culture.


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