Breaking waves! Drown is fastest selling film in Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival history!

March 2015





Lifesavers, Sydney’s beaches, male jealousy and competitiveness frame this exciting and hard hitting new Aussie film. Surf Lifesaving champion Len is a legend in his cloistered surfclub until the arrival of younger, fitter, openly gay Phil. Through the summer, Len’s enraged reaction to Phil starts to reveal his own confusion about his sexuality. In his interactions with the forgiving Phil, which climax in a wild and booze-filled evening, Len is forced to face a terrifying question—can he accept his identity, or will he only bury it further?

Drown is based on a play by Stephen Davis, and its world premiere as a film is not to be missed. With a cast of immense talent, including Harry Cook (Accidents HappenPanic at Rock Island), director Dean Francis has created a tense and gripping drama that is as harsh as it is beautiful. The stunning views of Sydney’s beaches provide a striking backdrop to this story of violence, jealousy, and what it takes to hide who you are.

Classification:Unclassified 18+
Runtime: 93 mins
Year: 2014
Director: Dean Francis
Country: Australia
Language: English
Cast: Matt Levett, Jack Matthews, Sam Anderson, Harry Cook, Heather Mitchell, Bill Young, Anthony Phelan, Maya Stang
Company Credits:Production Company: JJ Splice films




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