I Bastardi Di Pizzofalcone (12 x 100 Mins)


From top rated director, Carlo Carlei (Flight of the Innocent, The Last Legion), with a creme de la creme cast that includes Massimiliano Gallo (The Young Pope), Antonio Folletto (Gomorrah), Alessandro Gassman (The Stolen Carravaggio) and Carolina Crescentini (Diva!), comes this hard-boiled, high-end, detective series, based on the best-selling novels by Maurizio de Giovanni.

Corruption pollutes the heart of Naples and a major clean-up operation prompts the imminent closure of the Pizzofalcone police station in the old city centre, but not before headquarters decide to recruit five replacement officers.

Pushing the law to its very limits, this tough new motley crew soon earns the nickname: "I Bastardi", and when a brutal murder case lands at their door, the team's ruthless skill proves they are exactly what the crime-ridden city needs.

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12 x 100 Minutes

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