The Boundary
(2 x 100 Mins)


From highly acclaimed director, Carlo Carlei (Flight of the Innocent, Padre Pio), and starring Alan Cappelli Goetz (Medici), Caterina Shulha (Un Passo dal Cielo) and Filippo Scicchitano (Sotto Copertura) this high-end, Primetime, 2-part feature, made for RAI TV, brings to life the enduring power of love, pitted against the sweeping and tempestuous backdrop of World War 1.

Trieste, summer, 1914: Emma, Franz and Bruno, three inseparable friends at the threshold of young adulthood, find their deepest loyalties tested when rival feelings of love threaten to pull them apart. But when the Great War breaks out, they must find an even deeper strength to withstand new and extraordinary challenges, which perhaps only true friendship can overcome.

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2 x 100 mins


Period Drama


Alan Cappelli Goetz
Caterina Shulha
Filippo Scicchitano


Carlo Carlei


Rai Fiction
Paypermoon Italia

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